Daisy and Minnie

Friday, May 28, 2004

bugs and stuff..

Meow... There are lots of big bugs around the carport at night. I love to chase them. I don't eat them, I just play til they quit moving. The Mom always says "Good Kitty". I leave the bodies for the ants to devour. hehehe

Woof, woof... I saw the Mom carrying a watering can to the front yard. I didn't want her to get away so I ran to the other side of the yard and jumped up on the picnic table so I could watch her. I wish I could jump a little farther and go sailing over the fence.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Other dog

Woof.. another little girl came by today for a little while. She brought a little black and white hairy thing. When she got close enough I could tell it was another dog. A girl, but too young for me. I got some leftover peanut butter and jelly sandwich at lunch time. A little sticky , but hey, I am willing to try anything.

Meow.. The little hairy black and white dog was smaller than me. Ha! He was even scared of me. By the way, Dog can have the PBJ , I am far above such leavings. Meat is more my style.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004


Woof.. oooh.. I got some more meat the other day. I think it was ham lunch meat that was old to humans; but to me it was delicious! I wanted to carry it off and maybe bury it but I realized that there was no bone attached. I carried it off to the middle of the yard just incase Cat wanted to taste my morsel.

Meow.. don't worry Dog, I got my own bunch of the meat. Only mine was turkey breast lunch meat. Yummy! I took my sweet time of course to try out each side of the meat to see which side was sufficient to start with. I finally found the appropriate place and began to munch.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Hanging Out and Walking

Meow.... I use to like to sleep in the old flower pot on the front porch. Then the female human planted some flowers in it. There went my good perch. Today I was chillin like the Sphinx on the cool carport. Then the large male walked by with Dog on a leash. Dumb Dog, he would run away from all this food and attention if he was loose.

Woof... Went for a walk..Went for a walk! I love walking. I get to sniff lots of things. Oooh the smells... I mark my passing, of course, and claim all that I can as mine.
If I get lonely in my backyard, Cat sometimes comes over and lays near the gate and keeps me company. Once in a while he will come into the back yard, he leaves if I start playing too rough.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Does there have to be a title?

When the female human walked out to the mailbox, I was checking out the over grown weeds in a part of the front yard. Sometimes interesting bugs jump out from the tall weeds. She said Hi, and I meowed back. She came out later and I rolled over and over in front of her, (Dog could learn a few things from me), I got a good petting out of it...Cat...

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Day two Day two

DOG here...
Uh..Woof... Actually I love to bark when the humans walk down the driveway away from me. Surely they wouldn't go for a walk without me!! I like to remind them. Even if they come right back from the mail box.
Yo, Cat!

Yes, Dog, I'm here...
The female human came home in here big blue thing. I wondered if she would forget to feed me. So I sat by the door looking like the Sphinx and meowing. I figure if she trips over me she won't forget about me. I always get food this way. She is so easy to control.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Your friendly neighborhood outdoor Cat and Dog

Hello... or hem hem... Meow! Yes much better. My name is Mooshie. I am an orange and white tabby. I live outside of a gray and white house. There is a dog that lives in the back yard. (Introduce your self , Dog)
OK.. uhh... Woof! I am a beagle, my name is Charlie. I like my back yard. But my favorite way to drive my humans crazy is to slip out of the gate when it gets opened and run joyously down the road with narry a look back when my name is called. I always make my way home, eventually.
(Good job, Dog) I, Cat, just like to wait outside and when I see a human I roll over on my tummy and look cute, that is always good for a petting. One or both of us will be posting here from time to time, when we can sneek in to the house and boot up the computer. And anyone is welcome to visit and see what we are up to.