Daisy and Minnie

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Hanging Out and Walking

Meow.... I use to like to sleep in the old flower pot on the front porch. Then the female human planted some flowers in it. There went my good perch. Today I was chillin like the Sphinx on the cool carport. Then the large male walked by with Dog on a leash. Dumb Dog, he would run away from all this food and attention if he was loose.

Woof... Went for a walk..Went for a walk! I love walking. I get to sniff lots of things. Oooh the smells... I mark my passing, of course, and claim all that I can as mine.
If I get lonely in my backyard, Cat sometimes comes over and lays near the gate and keeps me company. Once in a while he will come into the back yard, he leaves if I start playing too rough.


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