Daisy and Minnie

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Your friendly neighborhood outdoor Cat and Dog

Hello... or hem hem... Meow! Yes much better. My name is Mooshie. I am an orange and white tabby. I live outside of a gray and white house. There is a dog that lives in the back yard. (Introduce your self , Dog)
OK.. uhh... Woof! I am a beagle, my name is Charlie. I like my back yard. But my favorite way to drive my humans crazy is to slip out of the gate when it gets opened and run joyously down the road with narry a look back when my name is called. I always make my way home, eventually.
(Good job, Dog) I, Cat, just like to wait outside and when I see a human I roll over on my tummy and look cute, that is always good for a petting. One or both of us will be posting here from time to time, when we can sneek in to the house and boot up the computer. And anyone is welcome to visit and see what we are up to.


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