Daisy and Minnie

Thursday, December 30, 2004


Meow... The mother opened the door and invited me to come into the house because I always knock on the door. She probably thought that I wanted to see what it was like in there. It was too scary and different in there. I would not even step inside, though I did sniff real good at the opening. I knock because I want someone to come outside , not because I want to go in.

Woof.. I am good at chewing off my collars. Nylon or leather ones are no problem. Though I heard the mother say something about a metal one hmmm... I wonder how hard that would be to chew it off. I could try so much that I rub a sore on my neck and then they would take it off anyway.... hmmmm

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I want to play

Jaggy here.... Now that Mooshie's round no more, I have to play with dogs
I might find worms or beetle bugs or even jumping frogs
The children blew some marshmallows, out of a little gun
I pounced and pawed and tossed them round
Boy!! ... that was some fun!

Woof.. In the mornings , we dogs look for the sunniest spots in the yard. It is cold and we try
to follow the heat.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Baby its cold outside


I like to knock upon the door
To get the people out
I'm lonely and its cold outside
There's only doggies here about
I wonder if its warm inside
That door where people go
If I climb the screen and take a peek
Maybe then I'll know

These last few nights have definitely been two dog nights. It is nice to have the girl dog here to huddle with.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Where's Mooshie

Jaggy here...

My Mooshie pal has not been seen
For four long lonely days
The mother said he's chasing girls
I don't understand his ways
I'm still young I love my home
There's food and shelter here
I wonder if he's coming back
That fact is just not clear
He likes to roam, He's all grown up
Oh come back, don't you see
That opossum wondering in the yard
Is just not a pal to me.

Monday, December 13, 2004


Woof... The humans gave us new collars. I am very adept at getting rid of everyone they have tried. It was no different this time. I can even chew off the puppies collar for her too. They can't put me in the pen anymore , I chew through the chicken wire. I haven't been able to chew through the chain link fence, but give me time I may find a way to climb it... hmmm....

Meow... I haven't been around much lately. The girls in the neighborhood have been more interesting than even my humans. They are worried that I may not come back some day, just like all my predecessors. I love my humans; but those girl kitties are marvelous.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Meow... Woof... We are speechless at the honor given us by "Jack" and the Petsburg Times.
He wanted to know our names. Meow.. I am Mooshie the cat. I am a pale orange with white markings, and I have a little adopted brother named Jaggy, who is dark marmalade orange with no tail and no white markings. Woof... I am Charlie the small beagle. I love people. To bark at them and or to otherwise lick them and jump on them if they get close enough. I also have a companion. A little girl beagle named Candy. She is fun to play with, but better get out of the way when the Mom comes to pet us. ( That also applies to leftovers).