Daisy and Minnie

Saturday, January 29, 2005


Woof.... It is cold outside, and misting rain; and we didn't get to go out and play today. Rats...

Meow... did someone say "rats" ? ... where .. where...

Friday, January 28, 2005


Woof... I am still stuck in this pen. I want out so bad I can taste it. But I don't want to fry myself, so I don't touch the shocky wires. The humans did let us out into the fenced garden the other day. It was fun to chase Candy around and play hide and seek in the over grown greens.

Meow.. It has been lonely since Mooshie left. I do try to play with the humans everytime they come outside. The Mom even let me come inside for a couple of minutes. It kind of scared me so I didn't stay long. My cousin, Muddy, is scared of the outside; I am scared of the inside.

Monday, January 24, 2005


Woof... this is so unfair. I am now confined to my small pen with some electric shocky wires surrounding me. I want to be free... to climb the fence and explore the world.. and sit in the middle of the road and watch the cars go by.. the mother says this isn't good for me... it still seems unfair..

Meow... I don't even have the dumb dogs to keep me company by the fence anymore. They are stuck way in the back of the back yard. Maybe when I grow up I can keep company with that pretty female cat across the street. hmmm... now , how to get across the street.....

Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Great Escape part 3

Woof... They had me chained all night long , with a collar on my neck that zaps me when I bark. That didn't seem fair since the things I like best are climbing over the fence and barking.
What they didn't know was that I got caught on the trailer and fought until the chain came unhooked.... he he he ha ha ha... up and over the fence ... free at last... The mother found me a couple of houses away when I was on my way back home anyway. Boy, I love to be free.. but it can be scary too...

Meow... Dumb Dog...

Friday, January 14, 2005


Woof.... I am now chained up... and I started to bark.. then they put this "No Bark" collar on me. Gee... they are taking away all my fun. I did hear the humans say something about out smarting myself.

Meow.... I don't think that dog is smart, He is chained and I am totally free to wonder where I please. Here I get all the food I want and some petting and a couple of warm soft pillows outside for me to sleep on... dumb dog!

Monday, January 10, 2005


Woof..Charlie here.... I have been getting into the neighbors yard lately... he he... my humans went over there and called me. I thought I was fooling them when I went the long way around the yard then snuck under the bushes. They saw me climb up the branches of the bushes and go over the fence. Rats.... then they proceeded to cut down all the bushes along the back of the yard. I was sad.... but not for long ... it took me two nights to figure another way out of the yard. They didn't cut down the bushes on the side yard... they think that is how I got out last night.. I will never tell ! I got out last night , but didn't really know where to go. The mother came and got me in front of the local gas station. Some saw me wondering around and called the radio station, they announced it on the air and my neighbors heard it and called my female human. It was actually good to be home... but just wait until they let me loose from this chain...

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Meow... the mom came outside this morning and started doing many interesting things. She moved a plant from one pot to another, and she pulled on and rolled up two long extension cords. Those were fun to chase. When there was nothing else to pounce on , I just batted at her hand when she tried to pet me.

Woof... I learned a new trick. I can get into the yard next door, and the mom can't figure out how. She thinks I might be climbing the fence, But I will never tell.