Daisy and Minnie

Friday, January 28, 2005


Woof... I am still stuck in this pen. I want out so bad I can taste it. But I don't want to fry myself, so I don't touch the shocky wires. The humans did let us out into the fenced garden the other day. It was fun to chase Candy around and play hide and seek in the over grown greens.

Meow.. It has been lonely since Mooshie left. I do try to play with the humans everytime they come outside. The Mom even let me come inside for a couple of minutes. It kind of scared me so I didn't stay long. My cousin, Muddy, is scared of the outside; I am scared of the inside.


  • Yep -- I am used to the inside as is Myst, but Dandelion lived his first year outside and he always tries to escape. --Muddy, BloggingCat.com

    By Blogger Muddy, BloggingCat.com, at 10:58 AM  

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